5 Reasons to Join

5 Reasons your workmates should join the Union

In any employment relationship, there is always more power with the employer. When workers join together it evens things up a bit.

Here are 5 reasons you can tell your workmates why they should join your Union. 

1. Standing up for each other

Nathaniel, worker: "I joined a Union because I have seen managers who abuse their power and I know that we have the strength to stand up for our rights, if we stick together. That is what Unite does in my workplace, it provides us with an opportunity to draw attention to problems and helps us come together to solve them. Joining the union also helps create a strong workplace culture. With people looking out for each other our worksite has become a fun place to work."

2. Support when you need it

Vishal, worker: "I heard my mates complaining about their employers ill-treating them and they had nowhere to go and no support. With unions like they help us to find a solution and give us the strength to raise our voice for our rights at work. The changes that Unite have brought for workers are remarkable and I am glad and proud to be a part of the union family."

3. Know your rights

Aneta, restaurant worker: "I joined the union to get a better understanding of work policies and entitlements. I have worked for the company for a long time and have often needed the encouragement and support that the union is able to give. In my opinion, all workers should join, as they are able to help in more ways than just if you have a problem by way of support and information for relevant issues and queries."

4. Better pay and conditions

Lei, worker "I joined the union to get pay raises and better conditions and to make sure all workers are treated with respect. Unions are about making workplaces fairer and about social justice for everyone."

5. Healthy and safe workplaces

Myla, call centre worker: "I joined the union to ensure workers in call centres get a better deal for the hard work we do. Part-time and full-time workers need to stand together against casualisation of our jobs. We need to be organised so we have a healthy and safe office to work in".

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